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Milton Keynes & Northampton Podiatry Health Care Services

  • Podiatrists study at university for a minimum of 3 years to gain a Bachelor of Science degree. They are fully qualified professionals that have the skills to deliver Lower Limb and foot care to a nationally recognised standard. On completion of their course Podiatrists have the required qualification and behaviours to register with the Health Care Professions Council. (HCPC) They have the skills to complete full clinical assessments and provide treatment plans tailored to your personal health care needs. This is particularly essential to your care if you have been diagnosed with a condition that your GP considers High Risk. Podiatrists can make patient referrals to your GP when required.

  • Podiatrists must register with the health care professions council in order to practice as foot care professionals. The HCPC is the national governing body that regulates health care providers and covers a number of professions. Individual registrations are renewed annually and continued professional development must be proven before renewals are approved.

    Is your current health care professional HCPC registered?

  • We provide sensitive, professional foot and lower limb care for all generations and offer discounts to thank you for your loyalty. Our friendly podiatrists are committed to delivering care that is sensitive, safe, and straightforward. All our podiatrists are fully qualified HCPC registered health professionals so whether you are visiting our clinic or arranging a home visit you are guaranteed your care is at a nationally recognised standard.

    Alternative foot care is available from practitioners who study short courses. Prices charged to their clients may not differ from those of a fully qualified Podiatrist. Whoever you chose to provide your foot care be sure you're seeing the correct person for your needs.

  • We treat all foot and nail problems from Athletes foot to Verrucae usually witin a routine appointment. This includes hard skin, cracked heels, corns, callus, nail infections. Whatever your foot problem our Podiatrists can help.

    Podiatry should be your first port of call if you have a foot problem and you do not need a referral from your GP to seek a private consultation.

  • Our Podiatrists are trained to complete full biomechanical assesments, provide tailor made orthotics and complete nail surgery all within our clinic. We specialise in diabetic foot care which is critical to the health of diabetics.

 MK Podiatry (Milton Keynes)


Welcome. Here at MK Podiatry we are committed to providing an exceptional personal level of care that exceeds expectations, developing strong relationships with our patients built on Loyalty and Trust.

We aim to make essential podiatric health care accessible and affordable for all, with our pricing structure providing discounts across all generations.

Regular treatment can help maintain the condition of our feet and prevent serious conditions developing and reduce the need for expensive treatments. As we become less mobile, podiatric foot care becomes a necessity in order to maintain our health.

All our patients can have confidence that whatever the condition, their treatment is provided by a fully qualified Podiatrist registered with the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC).

We promise we will always take a common sense approach and only recommend treatments if they are beneficial to the needs of our patients. We will always use the tried and trusted methods first, and never advise more costly treatments unless essential to your health. We do not promote expensive unproven alternatives.

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